About Me

    Unlike most musicians, I began my career as a Scientist with the US Forest Service Fire Lab in Missoula, MT.  I began studying music at the college level in August, 2014 as a Graduate Student in Music composition at Texas Tech University.

     My music background, however, began at the age of 14 under the study of Mary Ann LaCour in her private piano studio.  After only a few years of study I left her studio and began writing music for many instruments despite lacking a knowledge in music theory.
   After studying Aerospace Science at Baylor University, I moved to Montana and became a Research Physicist with the US Forest Service.  I was unsatisfied with my career choice and knew that I was unhappy while not pursuing music.
   I am currently a doctorate student at Texas Tech University, pursuing more time to compose freely, and plan on finishing in the 2018-2019 year.

If there is any advice that I can give to young musicians looking to succeed in this industry, it would be to never lose momentum.  When you want something bad enough, all you have to do is keep producing your product or keep fighting the good fight and you will be successful.  I would also say, that no matter how hard it can be to restrain yourself around certain people, you must be kind to everyone.  Your enemy, your friend, your co-worker, your step-mother.....be kind to everyone and keep on going.
   It is my hope to bring all the emotion and struggle, both good and bad, that I have into beautiful works of musical art; and all the enjoyment I can to the public world, and not for the sake of my own pursuits, but for the pursuits of ingenuity and culture.  We are one world, lets live in it together.

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