Current Projects

Wakantanhan Hotan'inpe


I am excited to announce that I am currently in talks with Hal Leonard about publishing a TTBB men's choir piece.  More info soon.

South Dakota State University


Mnicakmun will be arranged for the SDSU wind ensemble in conjunction with a week long residency on campus.

Cinco Ranch High School


My old high school: I will be writing an SATB a capella arrangement of the almamater as a commission from director, friend, former teacher, and all around wonderful person, Mrs. Dorothy Wilson.

2020 International Low Flute Festival | JAPAN


My piece for flute choir "inipi alowan" will be performed March, 2020 in Japan.

Wakantanhan hotan'inpe

Hal Leonard subsidiary Mark Foster has published my work for TTBB Men's Choir Wankantanhan Hotan'inpe under the Eugene Rogers Choral Series.  

This will be my first publication outside of my own self-published manuscripts.

You can hear a sample of the work HERE!

You can purchase scores at any online music store or directly from Hal Leonard HERE!

Looking forward to hearing how other choirs interpret the music as it gets performed globally.

“Notes from the Composer”

Lakota Sioux American Indian spiritual music comes from the Sundance ceremonies held in the Dakotas on the US Central Plains. It is passed aurally from generation to generation and has never been accurately transcribed into western music notation. This arrangement is the beginning of an ethnomusicological journey to preserve and archive American Indian sacred music in a meaningful and entertaining way. 

Lakota music was traditionally performed by a group of men playing hand drums, accompanied by women’s and children’s voices. In modern times this music is performed using a large drum, also known as a powwow drum, and many singers beating in unison. It would be characteristic of this music style to place a small group of singers at a large drum, all beating in unison while also singing the solo/small group part. The overall feel of the music should be legato, yet rhythmic and lively.

Wankantanhan Hotan'inpe


From above, they are making their voices heard

Hena kinyan Wakinyan oyate ca Hotan'inpe'lo


The Thunder Nation is flying and making their voices heard.


he [he], ye [ye], yo[yo], ya [yɑ], hai [haI]