Electronic MUSIC


The Thunder-beings, They Are Coming (2018)

Native American flute with live electronics.  The thunderbird is the spirit of the West in Lakota culture and brings the thunderstorms with them when they fly.  This piece uses the flute as a calling while electronically produced sounds accompany the chaos that surrounds the coming storm.


"You have arrived at Hermes, your new home!"(2018)

This piece was made using all original crafted sounds. If we don't heed the messages Earth is trying to tell us, then our journey to our new home, the planet Hermes, will begin its end the moment we arrive.  How long until we listen to the lessons learned here on Earth so we don't repeat them there?


Tibet under the red wall (2016)

This electronic piece is entirely made using audio recordings spliced together.  The story of Tibet is a controversial and sad one that still lingers on in today's connected world, but the people in Tibet know very little about the outside world while under control of The People's Republic of China.