Inipi Alowan | Sweat Lodge Song


Inipi Alowan | Sweat Lodge Song

for Flute Choir commissioned by Mariana Gariazzo and the Cultural Outreach Committee from the 2019 National Flute Association.

  • Theatrical piece designed to show the Lakota Sweat Ceremony in a new light
  • This piece doubles as an ethnomusicological study, having written these cermonial songs in western notation for the first time.
  • Explores avant garde techniques of all concert flutes including Contra and Picc.
  • Not supposed to be performed perfectly, so don't practice too much! (you'll never hear your teacher say that again)

Flute Choir - Picc, 3 C-flutes, 2 Alto, 3 Bass, Contra

10 - 30 minutes (depends on repeats within songs)

Theatrical and Musical elements

***for any skill level***

Contact me for the Script/Score