The Raven: a Short Musical Drama

Performance Dates

Doctoral Defense: March 22 at 3:30pm –– Room 206A, Texas Tech University School of Music (2624 18th St., Lubbock, TX 79409)

World Premiere: COMING THIS MAY

Halloween 2019: more information coming soon

Doctoral Dissertation Paper

 This paper attempts to compile an annotated anthology of all significant adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven along with analysis and discussion of my short musical drama The Raven, the first complete musical setting of Edgar Allan Poe’s original poem to music, written for one Soprano (Lenore & the Raven) and one Bass-Baritone (Poe). The non-standard, ambiguous term “musical drama” is addressed with intent on solidifying a concise definition related to past and recent trends in live theatrical performance. Relevant 21st century topics on music-genre stereotypes and live-performance attendance are also examined with primary demographic focus on the general, non-musician audience. 

About the show

THE RAVEN is the first ever musical setting of the complete text to the famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe also known as The Raven.  It features two soloists acting out the three characters Lenore and the Raven (Soprano), and Poe (bass/baritone).  The drama focuses on portraying the text in the context of the three aforementioned characters rather than from the vantage point of the narrator.  It is a truly unique work and I think it will become something great once completed as a 3-Act Musical Drama/Opera with this being the final act.

This show will be an immersive experience, bringing the audience close to the mind of Poe and the action of the story.  To add more mystery, the audience will have the opportunity to answer a psychological question, regarding the mind, effectively changing the ultimate outcome of the end of the show.

Are you ready?