The Seasons

The Seasons

     This collection of piano music explores the emotions and visions of each season experienced globally by humankind. The collection begins with my Prelude 1, a song I composed at the age of 12, and is followed by a moving lullaby of spring, Spring Lullaby (not available in sheet music | Track 2).

      Prelude 1 uses a constant arpeggio in the left hand with a flowing melody in the right hand throughout the entirety of the music. As a child, I wanted to have as much depth to my sound as I could on the piano and I accidentally found my love for the left-hand arpeggio. At this age I didn't know how to compose nor write it down; I simply played what my heart felt was right. I would almost rename the piece Variations and Arpeggio if it wasn't for being my very first composition. The Spring Lullaby is pentatonic and musically portrays the plants and flowers blooming in the fields with rising runs.

     Cape St. Mary's is a Newfoundland traditional song that talks about the desire to fish on one's own shore. There was a great famine in Newfoundland where fisherman were unable to fish and feed their families because the ice sheet was so thick. I think about this every time I play that song, and I think about the beauty of this amazing rock. I played the song on my buddy Bill's stage in Melrose NL with a thunderstorm in the background and the tide washing in. I go up to Newfoundland every summer, which is why the next song is Summer Lullaby. This ballad is very peaceful and makes me think I am sitting on the Trinity Bay and watching the whales blow in the distance, sometimes an iceberg comes by.

     I jump starkly to an etude which is designed to work the octaves and patterns in both hands. I chose Halloween as my inspiration since it was my best friend Julie's mother Alexandra's favorite holiday. I wrote this fun little piece, with a Liszt-ish quality, in honor of my other mother. Fall Lullaby is for the British countryside and the leaves turning colors in Birmingham or in the US state of North Carolina, my mother's favorite place to watch all four seasons. It is a spa-like piece to help you drift away in the colors of the season.

     Prelude 2 was the second composition I composed at age 14. This song is dear to my heart because it describes pain that only music can portray. When the winter comes I often think about how harsh it can be and the people who suffer for it. But there is also so much beauty and mystery to Winter. Winter lullaby (not available in sheet music | Track 8) takes a little inspiration from every song in this collection and takes you through a quasi "ghosts of Christmas" adventure through time.

I suggest listening to them in track order, while sipping some wine, and letting yourself drift away in the music of The Seasons.

     Please enjoy performing, as much as listening to, this music.