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THE RAVEN: Short Musical Drama

THE RAVEN is the first ever musical setting of the complete text to the famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe also known as The Raven.  It features two soloists acting out the three characters Lenore and the Raven (Soprano), and Poe (bass/baritone).  The drama focuses on portraying the text in the context of the three aforementioned characters rather than from the vantage point of the narrator.  It is a truly unique work and I think it will become something great once completed as a 3-Act Musical Drama/Opera with this being the final act.

Video Coming Soon

Directed by Andrew Campbell.
Written by William Linthicum-Blackhorse.
Staring Josh Reynolds as POE and Shayna Tayloe as LENORE.
Performers Meiling King, Neemias Santos, Felicia Rojas, and Nicole Cherry. 


National Flute Conference 2019

Two of my pieces were selected for the conference: Mnicakmun and my new commission "Inipi Alowan."  I am looking forward to participating in the NFA Conference in Salt Lake City in 2019.


Segment::: Elemental Influences: Earth, Air, Fire Water

"The Journey to Inclusion" Panel Discussion

This panel/forum invites performers, composers, scholars, teachers, and aficionado musicians to share personal accounts of exclusion and inclusion.  The discussion will address the many different forms of exclusion that occur in various work and educational settings and consider strategies for increasing the inclusion and success of all members of the flute community.  Issues of aboriginality, nationality, gender, sex, race, and cultural/religious background will be represented.  The panel will consider exclusion and inclusion across all sectors of music making with an emphasis on higher education and the workforce. These difficult conversations will encourage dialogues that bridge and embrace our differences.

Moderators: James Miller, Caen Thomason-Redus

Panelists: Catherine Ramirez, Eileen Grycky, William Linthicum-Blackhorse, Jeiran Hassan, Brian Dunbar.

More information coming soon!


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